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Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are heroes of the round leather game. They are skilled, swift and sweet with winning. I noticed that they have coaches! Williams sisters have blown the roof over the red clay, I reliably gathered they have coaches. Maybe you’re strange to sports, Paul was without sight for three days until he […]



The greatest force of influence in any society is righteousness not politics; righteousness exalts a nation! While those who have the liberty to join politics can spread their wings in the wind, there’s no reason for scratching others with their ambitious claws for coercive support. Nobody should pretend like the ruling class was containerized and […]


It’s been a smooth journey until it began to rain heavily: that was when I knew my wipers had issues. I thought they were intact but they had worn out; it takes some heavy rains to reveal the integrity of some wipers that you’re banking on for clarity in life. As I put the wiper […]

“… for I know”

“…for I KNOW whom I have believed, and am persuaded that he is able to keep that which I have committed unto him against that day”. 2Tim 1:12 One of the hardest task in social life is ability to know who people really are. The complexity arises from the ambivalent nature of men and the […]


PARENTING I took up teaching in 2005 after sending scores of applications, post NYSC. I loved my job but the terms and conditions for my students in learning were strict; I’d trim your wings even if your dad is the governor. It was a rich kids school. One of my students is a daughter of […]



If you scratch your nose with a snake’s head you will delete your peace. Depression is spreading like wildfire leaving behind the legacy of losses. Grace has taught me on three things against depression over the years; #DECEPTION: the fruits of deception are always ripe for sale; they taste sweet until they digest as bitterness. […]

Father’s Day

Father’s Day

This is dedicated to my awesome father. My daughter has a bigger and taller brother; when she locks horns with him and he gains the upper hand, she withdraws with a threat to report to her daddy. I usually wait for her to file the report and honestly, it’s always very difficult not to be […]


Of course, a pastor is not meant to vent his displeasure on bad governance since he doesn’t pay extra to get his vehicle registered and he collects his driver’s licence at the official rate without delay. There’s a new expressway for pastors to drive once they have clergy label on their windscreen. He should look […]


(Dedicated to my mother on the occasion of her birthday on 24th December) He woke up earlier than everyone else, bathed and dressed miles before dawn. His uncle was the first to be greeted with the awesome wonder. “Where are you going so dressed, so early”? “My daddy said we are going to…”! I had […]

Encourage Yourself

Encourage Yourself

We live in the winter world and it will get colder in our own island of reality if we insist on lowering intellectual temperature and freeze spiritual intelligence. We live in systems and structures that shut out the light in order to develop insanity as the portrait of standard. You cannot find a good social […]

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