A Still Small Voice

beyond shoresLife is full of new beginnings! The choices of life, not the compulsions reveal character.  This few words played through my mind as I eventually reconciled with the reality of God’s timely assignment manifested in a new dawn of my personal walk with God at another plain of life. Oops! What a contradiction to moral values, what individual idiosyncratic peculiarities we bare, what ingenuity surrounds the creation of the World, what unprecedented outpouring of unimaginable intelligence and manifold wisdom lies within our God, what monumental display of architectural excellence practically keeping the eyes unconsciously busy: I thought aloud. The race, the color, the believes, the quest for knowledge, all chocked the living daylight out of me. From the international airport of a completely different continent, a new level of experience opened for me as it became crystal clear that I’ve compulsorily become a part of my family in Diaspora with a choice to either keep my fundamental believes that gave me the opportunity in the first place or manipulate my foundations to reflect my current environmental and social status with a view to fit in the ‘clicks’.  I knew I was on assignment and must not sacrifice my spiritual expectations on the altar of social recognition and moral superfluity of naughtiness that will ultimately lead to a dead end

Oh, the ‘’racemic’’ mixture of my loved ones that I missed and the excitement that accompanied new beginnings, swept through my heart leaving me at a ‘’steady state’’. But then I listened to that still small voice within (the Holy Spirit), as He blew strength to me, letting me know that He’s got my back if only I’m on track.  The onus now was on me to hold fast the profession of my faith without wavering, noting that He that has called me is faithful that promised (Hebrews 10: 23).  It’s a lot easier to preach it and act it around folks who perceive you have a relationship with God, than to live it when you are away from familiar view. That’s where the difference is; when you have to discern between what is the good, perfect and acceptable will of God.  Sincerely yours, the presentation looks good and often times perfect but its potency is deflated when placed on a spiritual balance of complete acceptance.

I speak from my end with practical experiences as a Christian going against the motions in Europe and I believe the same is true for other continents to some varying degree. The integrity of the word of God has been utterly compromised for fear of rejection and possible loss of members by some ‘self-acclaimed’ pastors who market Jesus Christ in a manner that will constantly place food on their table without recourse to divine plans and intentions. Spiritual things have been trivialized with pride. Staying true to your faith in Diaspora becomes your personal responsibility. To this end therefore, it becomes a necessary venture to build a character of a champion, one with the ability to decipher between ‘’needs’’ and ‘’wants’’. Christianity is a way of life and should not be treated as a religion. The difference is, other religious leaders died and did not resurrect again but Jesus Christ, our savior, died and resurrected and he is alive. Glory to God! Be bold to proclaim it, tell it to the ends of the world. Scream it aloud even when no one wants to listen. Believe me, you will overcome.

Quite frankly, the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, neither yet bread to the wise, nor yet riches to men of understanding, nor yet favor to the men of skill; but time and chance happen to them all (Eccl 9: 11). Understanding this makes you work the work of Him who has sent you while it’s day, for the night cometh when no man can work (John 9: 4). Let this mind be in you else Christianity beyond the shores will be a struggle. It’s an uphill experience, I admit but Christ in you is the hope of glory. As an ambassador of faith in Diaspora, you will suffer ridicule, painful exit of friends you naturally will want to have around, name them, especially in places where there is no regard for the word of God. This reminds me of where I am. If you have ever stayed in an environment where evil is commercialized and passed across to the next generation willingly, then you will understand that your presence is not by mistake but a divine arrangement. Live every moment of your life, within shores or beyond shores, as a believer and I dare say, a crown of glory awaits you on the other side of eternity.

It’s truly a long walk home!

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