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Matthew 7:23 KJV
And then will I profess unto them, I NEVER KNEW you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.


It’s running to like 5 years now, I was in a popular shopping mall with my siblings we had many things to pick up, a full-house shopping. I think we were about leaving the mall then a lady suddenly ran at me shouted Men of Purpose right? I was shocked, shrank backwards and honestly I just froze!

She’s been following us on Facebook and other social media, described perfectly how our mission outreaches have been a motivation and a source of blessing. She’s been reaching out to people in her own sphere of influence with God’s love, she knows nearly almost everything about us on social media but I’ve never seen her, she hasn’t even ever attended any of our meetings physically, though she does virtually.

As I read this passage today, God brought back those memories. That we call God’s name on social Media doesn’t mean He knows us, many will be shocked that they may know God’s middle name, attend conferences in His name, donate to charity in His name and yet He denied ever meeting them.

What scared me about the passage was the word NEVER, I mean God NEVER knew them? Not even one time or on a red carpet? But Jesus what of the likes, comments and share, powerful messages and illustrations? All of that for nothing? And then it dawned on me, Him knowing us outweighs us knowing Him, if we know Him but He can’t recognise us then we have a disaster in our hands. The first circle is to know Him but the complete circle is Him knowing us. So friend, you’re so sure you know Him but are you sure He knows you? Think about it!

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