There’s something fundamental with human heart that probably ignores whatever s|he hears everyday. Once the lyrics looks predictable, the voice sounds familiar & the face looks same we generate the bottom-line code of “It’s not new”.
Sometimes the Holy Spirit sounds so familiar in our ears that we don’t even give him any chance before we help Him complete the Bible verse. That spirit is called “familiarity spirit”. A state where you can preempt the Holy Spirit, we call it smartness, the Bible calls it “provocation”.
God is not unnecessarily repetitive, disobedience forces His hands to say it again, He repeats because we have not obeyed the old, so He keeps saying it till we comply.
For the Israelites, He repeated obedience for 40 years and only two people complied (Caleb & Joshua). God is always speaking, are you always hearing?
We blew the instruction yesterday, last time, but we can rewrite our script today. He’s about going speaking again through the Bible, fellowships, meetings, meditations, chats etc. You will only hear if you harden not your decision.

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