She pinched my curiosity to know her better when she offered to be praying for me; she sounded differently from the team she was rehearsing with. Uniqueness naturally gets my attention but not yet my affection. My interest was unlocked when I noticed her commitment to service and overheard her comments about a verse of the scripture while she led a prayer meeting. Depth switches me on without exception. She was obviously a well baked cake. Soft, swift and sweet. The icing on the cake was the way she blazed academically (I wasn’t so good), I was stretched to sketch some thoughts about her on the canvas of my future. It was a 3-D picture displayed in full HD. I dropped my jaw when she spoke accurately about a future she dreamt of living. A gun without a trigger is a mouth organ. She has the trigger! And swagger.
But my trust was still locked in the custody of caution. I really didn’t focus on what she did but on what she wasn’t doing; omissions are signals to what you’re weak at. Her boxes were properly checked; faith, temperament, value, vision, vigor, humor, honour, decency, honesty, fervency were all green. I can’t cope with pretense, I run crazy around lazy and dirty people, I detach expressly from complex souls. She shares no border with my irritations; she’s plain, HARDWORKING, smart, simple and clean. She was more fruits, less leaves. She was more works less talks. She earned my trust without any promo.
Our differences were tender, largely based on gender not agenda. Her personality complements my person, her principles amplified my convictions. Her purpose fuels my flame.
So I decided to grab my copy; I gave her the ring, I spelt my vows and she said “I Do”!
Choices come with chains of consequences; I love my consequences with her! #LoveThings

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