If you scratch your nose with a snake’s head you will delete your peace. Depression is spreading like wildfire leaving behind the legacy of losses. Grace has taught me on three things against depression over the years;

#DECEPTION: the fruits of deception are always ripe for sale; they taste sweet until they digest as bitterness. You cannot buy lies and expect your account in life to be balanced. When you build expectation on deception you will become a regional distributor of depression at wholesale prices! My dear, even if someone is deceiving you, never deceive yourself. Don’t allow people to make you ride on a horse that’s owned by a cockroach. If you overcome self-deception, God will always expose people’s and devil’s deception to you on HD.

#DIRECTION: take your time to find the way before setting out; the fuel in your life tank is measured for your journey to fulfillment. Stop being a mobile advertisement of ignorance, move because you see Jesus in motion. Where are you heading for? You cannot meet the will of God if you miss the way of God. You will only make your journey longer or bitter by assuming a public transport is the right vehicle to your private purpose. You cannot guess it and get it. Motion without direction will lodge you in a 5-star Depression Hotel.

#DEVOTION: don’t be committed to who is not truly connected to God no matter the affinity. Whatever wins your attention will conquer you. If you spend time with God, your space for distraction will shrink. Be close to the Lord and your friendship will be redefined. Depression is a compulsory experience in wrong relationships. God is the greatest audience that your soul loves to be with. If you’re not happy being alone with God, you’d end up sad with men

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