“Pastor, I can’t believe I’ll ever go through divorce in my life. He suddenly just changed and when I couldn’t swallow the pills any longer, I threw them all out on him. He laid his hands on me and I moved out. It’s not like I don’t love him, but he must recognize that I also went to school”!
That marriage collapsed after eighteen years! They both speak in tongues. She wears hat to church and he knots ties on Sundays! I know others with various shades!

It is difficult to predict whose marriage would not hit the rock in this generational platoon acting marital cartoon. It’s pathetic how people save resources to subscribe for errors. You cannot make God a variable in your marital choices and think your marriage will become a constant. Sincerity is not a synonym for clarity. The primary purpose of your brain is to ask questions – from God! You cannot meditate in ignorance.

Sadly, we will see more filial divorces born by fertilized parental signs and symptoms highlighted with bold cultural and psychological deceptions. Wrong expectations have no future in strong relationships. Poor communication will ruin any marriage even if the spouses are gently programmed robots. Manners have been removed from moral menu in many homes. If you hear the way some people talk, you’ll wonder at the malnutrition of manners. Running your marital computer with strange applications outside the Scripture shall crash your Emotional Operating System no matter the title of your spiritual programmer.

If you are not developing yourself since you got married, the neck of your marriage is shaking. Your spouse meets people building their intelligence for relevance, you sit down there recording Telemundo or grooming beards! You should know that divorce doesn’t have to be physical; it could be spiritual, emotional or intellectual. Wherever you no longer connect is divorced and it’s a disease that can spread to the physical with time!

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