Ode To Dads

To our dearest dad.
Dad, you are our compass. A father to many and of many parts. Encyclopedia of knowledge and grace.
Thanks for always showing us the right path and for guiding us in the right direction- the way we should go, walking the great talk all the way!

Sincerely, it has become a generational walk for us too difficult to walk away from!
Thank you for the foundation you laid, the legacies built and the principles sustained. You scarifice so much to give so many, value, meaning and reason. We have found in you, just like Jesus, the same yesterday, today and forever; to be dynamically consistent and upwardly mobile, as your type is rare!
You cant be pushed aside in anything as you are super updated and always ready to give answers to many in whatever such is going through.

Your life is balance as a result of the spiritual balance diet you daily consume and so you give to us…!
Your life is simple and in you there is no guile as you call a spade a spade in the day, afternoon and night…
You are not like some who change message and struggle to impact in this side of eternity just to be known in palaces or be acceptable by the kings in the king’s house…

Thank you for teaching us His counsel and mega thanks to God that we also heed to the call and walk in His steps…
You sacrifice to carefully walk the talk for us to walk in so we wont stumble on and in the way.
If we have not seen Jesus face to face, we see Jesus everyday in you, in your conduct, teachings, admonitions, life, sacrifices, and dispositions…

You are not a Shepherd with no heart and mind full of your sheep. No Sheep would say you have not invested so heavily on his/her life.
You are a perfect godly man of God who takes time to consistently and constantly be a man with God…
For this, we love you and wish to have you more so we can become more too.
Thank you for all you have done and would still do sir.

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