I took up teaching in 2005 after sending scores of applications, post NYSC.

I loved my job but the terms and conditions for my students in learning were strict; I’d trim your wings even if your dad is the governor. It was a rich kids school. One of my students is a daughter of a former Chief Justice but I chased pampering out of her succulent skin. When I sneezed instructions, they caught the cold of obedience or the fever of consequence. I gave gifts and personal attention based on individual needs. I spent two sessions but every home they came from knew their kids had a biology teacher; biology tests and exams were famous/notorious depending on who you are. If you have two heads don’t read!

“If my instructions and discipline don’t follow you to the future, I have failed God and your parents”! I said that often to them. I stood firmly and truly in locus parentis to all; they knew I loved them but my lines were too thick for any thin leg to lazily cross.

I met the State Chief Justice’s daughter recently; I couldn’t recognize her. “Good afternoon sir, you were my teacher in secondary school. My name is…”! I almost threw her up for joy. “Uncle, Biology is still my best subject till date; thanks to your drills”! To even think that I taught such a fine gentleman in skirt was rewarding; that she later appreciated the drills was fulfilling.

Your children may love you now for spoiling them, but they shall hate you for it in the future. The gap of your indiscipline in their lives may appear narrow presently but it will get wider with time when they need character as foundation for influence. Most of the youths looking for spouses today are trained with toys not tools. They look good for party but ugly for purpose. It is a pacifying generation that loves privileges but hates responsibilities. They withdraw commitment when corrected.

Discipline your kids in love. Give them home chores and training. Spank rebellion out of their souls. Be present for their needs; give them the right identity and they will later give you peace. If your life cannot influence your kids, you’re fake!

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