Someone told me that Adam fell because he didn’t pass through a woman in birth and Jesus succeeded because he was born of a woman. Well, that could tear some theological flesh and draw pints of intellectual blood. But I know that faces at the cross of Jesus are not largely from His masculine executives. On the resurrection morning, women broke the news of the empty tomb and the risen Lord! If you’re lucky with a sensitive woman in your life, you will always be informed to fill in the gaps.

However, the emotional negotiation seeking to equate women with men is an intellectual investment in a moribund hope. The energy for equality will raise better feminine quality if channeled to power the street lights of gender growth and development. A woman who prefers Telemundo to the News can never make the headline of relevance. Make-up can hide your pimples but it will never reveal your purpose. The gold of influence is not mined in cosmetic farms. A high heel can buy some shares of tall attention but it cannot generate the dividends of standing ovation.
The cultural excuse of male dominance has outlived its invention. More women are crossing industrial hurdles yet warmed in marital cuddles. Your head is a dual carriage road; the inside and the outside. Many women tar the outside with Brazilian asphalt while the inside is intellectually dusty and technically dilapidated. You will look better with a thinking cap than a sparkling wig.

Today is the International Women’s Day, I want my sisters to alter the docile inertia, be on motion, gain momentum. Esther dared the King, Deborah entered her Sambisa forest and Abigail faced a provoked army. If Hannah gave us Samuel, Eunice gave us Timothy, Elizabeth gave us John and Mary gave us Jesus, who would you give us?
I celebrate all the women who stand at the foot of my cross in hope and make my resurrecting moments memorable, you are truly loved. To my mother, thanks for your able hands and stable mind. To my daughter, you’re such a fragrance spiced with elegance.
And to my wife, your paragraph in my life can never be mixed with any other sentence of influence. You’re a Grace Class Lady with heavenly prescription. You know I love you and I always will!

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