By Their Weight

I wanted to get a particular shoe brand for my son: I needed something rugged and strong for all the kicks and pricks. This woman claimed she brought her stuffs from US and she sells with airport diction. The logo was perfect, the look was persuasive, but when I picked it, it was extremely light. I don’t know that brand for light soles. So I looked closer and discovered it was an imitation. On my way out, she told me to wait, rushed into her cubicle and brought out an authentic version. The original was heavier!

Proverbs 16:2: …but the Lord weighs the spirits
The truth has weight: true people, true ideas, true message, true relationships! Truth cannot drop in the water of confusion without ripples of conviction. Truth is heavy but only few men can carry it. You can decide which relationship to buy for your rugged vision by the way they weigh on scriptural scale. Even Shoprite sells fruits by their weight!

You can pirate the logo of truth, you can imitate the shape of truth, you can adulterate the colours of truth, but the value content that gives it weight has defied imitation with eternal technology. Many people bought pirated spouses without checking their weight. Many have bought prophetic lies without weighing them. Before God approves even the spirits, He weighs them.

Don’t trade your heavy currency for light feathers disguised as leathers. When the terrains of life gets muddy and rocky, when you need to wade though the floods of issues, when you need to trek distances on sharp stones of trials, you need a heavy sole to move a heavy soul! You need a heavy boot to shield your feeble foot.

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