Daddy Hold Me

I went with my son when he was much younger to a mall; we were regular there for occasional visits. I saw a ‘wet floor’ sign on the walkway and knowing him for swift sliding moves, I held him by hand. The grip restricted him and he insisted on walking alone by himself. He couldn’t read to understand the sign then. He thought he would be happier and smarter when he’s free! I left him to himself with a closed circuit watch on him. Before taking ten steps he was already on the floor!

It was painful he fell but I was happy inside-inside! If you don’t learn from expression you will learn by experience. There are things a son must learn early before he becomes a man! You may feel smart in freedom from Control but your fall will show your folly. There are signs you cannot read even with theological degree!
Like a year later we were there at the mall again. As soon as we stepped into the floor, he glued on to me and said: “Daddy hold me”! There was no sign of wet floor but he had learned to walk with me for safety. If you’ve not fallen beloved on this slippery wet floor of life, it’s because you’ve been held. Don’t get loose under the snare of freedom or cut from the grip of Grace because you can afford to walk on your financial feet. The floor is wet beloved, the spiritual floor is flooded with false grease camouflaged as grace. You cannot just walk through religious malls sliding on your charismatic feet if your hands are not tucked in truth. Never outgrow the Father’s grip. A man is free only when he’s held!

I don’t know where you’re shopping for a partner but be careful friend, the floor is wet with deceivers soaked in tongues. What you want in the mall of relationship is love but you may add to the cost with a fall. If you see a marriage standing tall, the partners have chosen to be held under the influence of disciplined grace. It’s safe when you walk with the Lord, held! If your feet are shaking and your eyes are turning, tell Him: Daddy, hold me! You’d never walk alone!

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