Empty Bus

Like a love dove returning to the nest for rest, she saw me to the park traveling back to base. I was going to catch up with midweek service, but you know it is always difficult to end the emotional conference during courtship.

At the motor park, I was cornered to a particular ten-seater bus with about eight “passengers” seated. “Uncle, after you, only one person remains”. I was glad I didn’t miss it. And then, the shock of my life: as new passengers arrived, someone would alight to be replaced. I was actually the first true passenger occupying a fully empty bus! I was asked to pay before settling into comfort and I promptly obliged, but it was to tie me down. The most painful; I couldn’t sit where I wanted because the impostors have taken over. I spent another two hours before moving! That was the first time I learnt about packaging!

Over the years, I’ve had similar experiences in ministry and relationships. Moments you jump into a spiritual bus of friendship with packaged occupants of charisma only to rest your back for early departure en route purpose and discover you are on your own! They are not traveling to any righteous future. Talking about spiritual “agbero”!

Before you board any marital bus, be sure the passengers of characters displayed are truly traveling from the garage of courtship to the last bus stop of marriage. I’ve heard so many “he was not like that before marriage” lamentations, but most times, it was always because you mistook “agbero” for passenger.

Be sure you’re not attracted by ” agbero” morals seated as scriptural values. Ask for their loads of spiritual fruits and tickets of integrity. Check if the winks of their religious eye lids rhyme with the motion on their spiritual lips. They know how to collect your transport fare of commitment and hold you stranded spiritually, forever! You wouldn’t be able to sit where you can properly fit in destiny. You cannot fight them and win because manipulation is their natural habitat. They can swim in the creeks of deception and sink your boat of sincerity.

Look before you leap dear. That bus may be empty!

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