Encourage Yourself

We live in the winter world and it will get colder in our own island of reality if we insist on lowering intellectual temperature and freeze spiritual intelligence. We live in systems and structures that shut out the light in order to develop insanity as the portrait of standard. You cannot find a good social reason to be educated in the truth until you dig a personal well of decision in the compound of your will. Under a scorching biting heat, you may postpone your death not by drinking but by avoiding some water.

We’ve been doctored to nurse moral wounds with quack prescriptions because the truth has been advertised as an impossible tablet. How do you get encouraged when fun and funds are enrolled as spiritual marketing strategies to increase head quantity in meetings only to perforate their quality in reasoning? How do you get encouraged to uphold the tenets of faith and truth constructed on eternal standards but perverted through traditions midwifed by eloquent spiritual touts drugged with greed?

In days when men choose to be emotional captives in traditional chains serving religious jail terms in ignorant prisons, there’s little a few loud voices can whisper under the overwhelming noise of deception. We drive new models of prophetic revelations on the wrong lane of apostolic gyration speeding into head-on collision with regrets! You just must have a personal straw of courage to sip whatever liquid of conviction remaining in the old bottle of faith!
Our children are struggling to learn good marital exercises from bad parental examples. Our men were told to be bold but never taught until they’re old. Our ladies were raised in colours but buried in conducts. How would you continue to love a rebellious wife or submit to a ridiculous husband equipped with spiritual certificate to manipulate the spouse? The supply of leadership courage has outgrown the demand, yet, if you don’t obey the truth in wholesale, God will not accept it in retails!
… But David encouraged himself in the Lord his God. You can always get encouraged except you’re personally out of stock with God.

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