Fallacy or Prophesy

2 Peter 1:21: For THE PROPHECY came not in old time by the will of man: but holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost.
The Prophecy Came Not: The first thing we must understand about prophecy is how it CAME NOT! The tendency is high that you may encounter all manners of prophecies these days in ways they were not meant to come. It was so urgent in the heart of God that He first addressed the negative ways that people hawk prophecies. You may hear prophecies and yet never truly hear THE PROPHECY.

In Old Time: A principle of law is “stare decisis”: a strong legal principle of determining issues in litigation according to precedent. As a general rule, a decision of a Supreme Court on a question of law with same or similar facts must be followed sensu stricto by a lower court of competent jurisdiction. A deviation from precedence is a valid ground for nullity. Prophecy is not an invention of modern prophets; like the old rugged cross, prophecy is rooted in the old time with its old scriptural precedent!

The Will of Man: The will of man was not the passage for the prophecy. It was not the will of people who wanted prophecy before they sleep or the will of the prophets that prompted prophecy in the old time. It was not stained by the corrupt, greedy, selfish, manipulative will of man both in demand and supply.
Holy Men of God: They were men not boys. Prophetic ministry is for matured saints. They may not even have titles or collars. They may not be able to afford mansions or fashion, but they were qualified by holiness. It was their character that approved their ministry to the saints not their charisma. They were not men of the people, but holy men of God. Not just MOGs, but HMOGs!

Moved by the Holy Ghost: It wasn’t tithes and offerings that provoked their prophecies or because the year was running to half or an end or a beginning of new week or new month. It was not the number of people in attendance or the caliber of people in the auditorium. It was Holy Ghost who moved them. It was not the Greek meaning that moved them or the alphabetical combination of figures. It wasn’t because it’s the seventh month or the “ember” month.
Now, you know how to discern true properties of prophets and prophecies.

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