A particular route I ply frequently is perforated with several potholes; except I must, I usually avoid that way. Few weeks ago, some guys wearing customized shirts branded by a politician were seen filling the potholes. My mood somersaulted when I noticed they were using sand. We actually had some momentary relief driving on that road until a major rain poured: the rain washed away the sand, dug the holes deeper and worse.

That is exactly how some of us fix our emotional, intellectual, marital, spiritual and financial potholes – with sand! You noticed a character flaw in a spouse you’re courting or a deep pothole in his decision making process, or a sickness of passion but you quickly shop for prophetic wheelbarrows loaded with sand of assumptions to fill an obvious death trap. You drive smoothly, romantically but temporarily into the wedding hall until the rain of reality pours. Then you wake to a worse hole en route bliss.

There are issues with your spiritual growth; deep holes in the knowledge of the Scripture, gaps in communion, gallops in prayer life, you can’t drive smoothly in witnessing Christ, even your street light of discernment had collapsed since Adam. And how do you fix such spiritual bad road? You source for quotable sands, motivational concerts with secular models, dogmatic unscriptural prayer points, packaged, dry, uninspired carnal blasting of doctored tongues, religious activities, passive confession and fried smile. See, it’d soon rain!

It’s not just personal with us, it is cultural, it is political, it is religious! Now, why would a society have four years’ notice to World Cup finals but spend bogus bundles of limited resources designing a jersey, contacting sponsors, electing officials, hiring and firing crews and while on the field start praying to win? We love to look nice at a wrong price. We fly over seven seas and oceans to whisper a thought for seconds and dissolve into wishes! Why would you habitually deploy people you didn’t develop? Why would a nation expect excellence from incompetence? Why? And, why would a nation that failed in capacity to secure lives blame national sin for football disgrace? Why do we enjoy spelling fever like river?

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