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Chatting from the lobby, we were nut and bolt into our discussions while he led me into the main building. He intended taking me to his boss but the door next had a sign: “STAFF ONLY”! I paused from following; I was raised to notice and obey signs as instructions, I needed a ‘staff pass’ before turning the knob. He told me the sign was to keep the work area free of intruders, suitable for workers and safe for their sensitive products. I placed the STAFF ONLY sign immediately in my mental, ministry and marital workspace.

People should know by notice which door they cannot walk through in your life without permission. Three things happen where there’re no restrictions: you’re prone to intruders; mental, spiritual, emotional, physical. Some areas of your life should be out of bounds to emotionally unauthorized persons. Some silly stuffs shouldn’t have space in your intellectual memory card. How can you trust any hands with strange rings and oil to come on your sacred head? How?!

Second, without restrictions, right workers are hindered from maximum productivity in your life. Distractions operate where restrictions are unemployed. Right people find your life space not conducive for impact. You lose your locus when you shift focus: and that’s what intruders cause.
There are sensitive products that God is manufacturing in your life that could be contaminated by infected visitors who have not been Scripturally sterilized.
There are moral droppings that can bring emotional germs from intruders into your sanitized visions under production. People should wait at the showroom if they’re curious about what God is up to in your life. It would soon be launched. What God is cooking would soon be ready. There’s a room where all legs can assemble and there are rooms where only few hands can work. Your home shouldn’t be an event center for people whose traffic in destiny have been diverted under the bridge of confusion. Your bedroom should have a “STAFF ONLY” sign with strict passwords of consent for all visitors! If you don’t have boundaries and restrictions in life, you’re under serious intellectual attack.

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