It’s been a smooth journey until it began to rain heavily: that was when I knew my wipers had issues. I thought they were intact but they had worn out; it takes some heavy rains to reveal the integrity of some wipers that you’re banking on for clarity in life. As I put the wiper on, it was walking on the screen but not working on the rain. A man can be around but not really on ground! Some people take space but leave no trace! It was annoying when it began to scratch my clean screen, blurring my vision; insult on injury. When you keep a wrong person on the screen of your life, instead of wiping away challenges, he will be scratching you with distraction, diversion and division. It’s cheaper if you discover them earlier. Don’t wait until it is heavily pouring before you know the true state of those relationships in your life. Some trees you may want to lean on in need are hedged with thorns of excuses and selfishness.
Rain is an answer to farmers’ prayers but it could be a threat to a driver’s safety. Let the rains wet your land not your vision. What would make some people fruitful secularly may cause your crash spiritually. If you are cultivating the ground of business, rains of attention would boost your profit, but if you’re driving a spiritual course, undue attention without the wiper of focus is a recipe for disaster. There are scriptural principles that some ministers cannot drive home again when the rains of political and social crowds begin to pour into their ministries. Jesus used his wiper effectively and many of his disciples stopped following him.
There are proposals of compromise you will never have until God begins to pick your calls financially. Some rains of suggestions must be wiped from your ministry screen if you don’t want head-on collision with regrets. Nobody thought Jesus was fit to be a king in his village until rains of miracles began to pour in his meetings; it could have blurred his vision if he heeded their demands. He sneaked away using a principled wiper! Do you have original wipers? Are they working? Don’t wait until it rains before you find out! It has cost many drivers their lives in destiny!

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