“… for I know”

“…for I KNOW whom I have believed, and am persuaded that he is able to keep that which I have committed unto him against that day”. 2Tim 1:12
One of the hardest task in social life is ability to know who people really are. The complexity arises from the ambivalent nature of men and the instability of culture from which the souls of men grow. People can change gear at any bump of sacrifice not minding the binding implication of promises. Spouses change their loyalties for the next wink that blinks, ministers shift from the truth at the turning for funding, parents slam the door of commitment at the next advertisement of colorful compromise!
The biggest hole in faith is to be ignorant of whom you’ve believed. To preach faith without capital emphasis on knowing God is like using “aboniki” for make-up on your wedding day. Imagine chewing red pepper on a sunny day without water! Despite the instability of men, people still boast of knowing whom they married, worked for, whom they pastor, etc., but not so sure of whom they have believed. This generation is wired to process life data along the axis of intelligence without the gradient of communion with God. You will slice into four when you hear how some people arrive at destiny decisions without reference to God!
Nothing preserves your faith like knowing whom you have believed. God has a nature to be known, a Will to study, a Way to follow, a Word to hear. If you’re ignorant of God, your faith fails, your persuasion sinks in confusion and you commit your choices unto secular inferences and emotional logistics.
It is fruitless researching people when you’ve not “Googled” God! Knowing Him exposes who men are! My persuasion in His ability stabilizes against doubt and He’s the only basket carrying all my delicate eggs!

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