He controls it all

Job 23:14 NLT: So he will do to me whatever he has planned. He controls my destiny.

If He controls, then enjoy the passenger’s seat. Let Him ride. If He controls, cancer won’t be a problem, lack, marriage, barrenness, admission, job, sickness, blessing, mother-in-law, father-in-law, oppressive husband, abusive wife, wayward children, hostile coworkers, bad economy, dwindling career and nose-diving business.

Be rest assured today and always that God doesn’t follow any other plan, action, budget, prayer request, friend request, devil’s request save His. He Authors and Finishes, He writes and Publishes. He developed your code & He’s got the administrator’s password, He ALONE CAN RUN IT!

He doesn’t trust anybody meticulous enough for your life’s plan and He wouldn’t relinquish the control of performance to even practising priests. He planned it and He honours your life by personally performing it.

It is such an honour brother, such an honour that He controls our lives. No such humans can be so patient and painstaking.

He can take His time, roll his sleeve, dig you deeper, prune you further, humble you better, afflict you more, train you longer, deny you further, look you stern, bend your knees more, take you farther, cast you yonder, bring you closer, bless you immensely, lift you higher, tear and heal, smite and bind, He’s in control, if you spot any other control anywhere, apart from the one from your maker, consider it a toy.

Remember, ALL POWERS are now His & if He has ALL, the devil has none and you neither.

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