CEV: But God has no doubts about who loves Him. (ICor.8:3)
It’s hard to really place where people belong especially when their words betray their actions.
We’ve had to certify people at some points based purely on faith and never their love. Many things can be gauged in our world but LOVE is in the exclusive list.
You will think some really love until certain realities dawn and your expectations are depleted like a balloon perforated without mending.
Some people do really look like God is the last option on the list but then your bias is turned upside down when you see their exploits for the Lord, others really look like God’s favourite yet denial is the first assignment on their list.
In these times and seasons, God has no doubt about you and your heart conditions. He has no doubts about your pretences, lies, love, intentions. Plot all the love graph you want, write all the award winning posts, compose award winning songs, write best selling love notes. God is NEVER IN DOUBT if truly you love HIM.
We can sway men with facade but God is never in doubt how your heart connects with Him. He’s never in doubt if your messages are all on the lips, never in doubt about discords sown among brethren, never in doubt about your cheating, sincerity, commitment, passion and giving. He knows you too well, He’s never in doubt.

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