The greatest force of influence in any society is righteousness not politics; righteousness exalts a nation! While those who have the liberty to join politics can spread their wings in the wind, there’s no reason for scratching others with their ambitious claws for coercive support. Nobody should pretend like the ruling class was containerized and imported into the nation. They’re our neighbours, daddy’s relatives, church deacons and pastors’ friends. When they credit your account for wedding or support your constructions with alerts, or launch your books or boost your ministry with proceeds of iniquity, you even grab microphone to give testimonies in the church rejoicing in the pains of the deprived masses. The people who demand tips at secretariats before your licenses can be processed are not ghost workers but ‘holy ghost’ workers in our churches or faithfuls of other religions. People have used the “Righteous Brand” to dupe us since SUG elections.

If righteousness has prevailed in the leadership of our homes and ministries, our social decadence would not be this gruesome. If all our landlord associations are honestly run, our streets would not be porous and houses not easily robbed. If our fathers are dubious in running the family account and our mothers inflate pepper prices to save for aso-ebi, no miracle will manufacture honest governors. If our pastors remit less than they collected and the small struggling parishes are the ones feeding the fat headquarters, our oppression in the nation may be multiplied.
It’s not the office that corrupts the homes, it is the home that corrupts the offices. If charity doesn’t begin at our spiritual and matrimonial homes, our political hope may run out of supply. So, those who clamour that we should all be politicians should spare us some breathing space; straighten your homes and regularize your churches with verifiable examples of what you intend to reproduce in mega power. They should pay their workers’ salaries promptly and fairly, stop using stranded underage as housemaids and fulfill domestic promises without pressure! If you’re coming to political equity, please kindly wash your hands in detergents of integrity at home. As for the evil ones among politicians, every tear you cause people to shed is getting fermented in the brewery of divine justice. You will drink it without sugar!

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