I got a load of e-cakes on my birthday and I’m so grateful for them. In short, someone sent a link that I should open in order to claim a cake customized in my name. I did claim it: it was a constellation of starry cakes beautifully designed and lit to fancy. But, none of those cakes got to my mouth except the beautiful cake that my wife got. The one I ate was processed: mixed, beaten, baked in oven, dressed and packed. That’s the real cake! If cakes bring health, it’s the real cake not the e-cake. If cakes are sweet, it’s the processed real cake! There are more e-cakes in life than real cakes!
There is also e-love. People even express e-love for God but if you ask their spouses about their character you go fear! E-lovers trade with good faces, primed appearances, smooth smiles but ugly selfish hearts. They’re never baked in character, no icing of integrity, no milk of sincerity. It can promise but will not deliver. It invests in social uniform not spiritual unity. My dear, if he’s not baked, he’s fake!
There is e-anointing. Anointing that is well packaged for financial subscribers who donate and dress well to church. I met someone who started ministry after obtaining degree in online biblical correspondence and was sent pastoral souvenirs from Europe! You know there’s e-worship now? It sings to beat but misses retreats. It copies messages to paste. It can speak in tongues fluently for hours but will stammer when speaking the truth. E-anointing has carnal suits but no eternal fruits. It can wear the cross but cannot bear the cross. It has partners but lacks patterns; very unreliable. It’s easy to forward e-cakes of anointing in conferences but the real cake of anointing comes on you after spending your own share of time in the oven of process!
If you need e-cakes, stay online reading translations: Give me Amplified! Then NIV…! Dey Dia! The real transmission cakes are baked in diligent and deliberate life crushing, soul searching, temperature raising crucibles of dealings with God. You’ll get THERE!

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