Our neighbour in my childhood years alighted from his Peugeot 505 Evolution car to open the gate, the gear was on neutral and he forgot to pull the hand brake. Before opening the second wing of the wide gate, he saw his car on auto reverse unmanned. It rammed into a pole and eventually rested in pieces. He attempted to catch up with it but it was too late to be dry when already in a river. The damage was avoidable but colossal! You can’t be safe without control.
The car looked stable initially and he assumed the distance to the gate was too short for a long change to occur. Regret hardly gives notice where there’s no control. The car injured a passerby: a neutral life is dangerous to others and itself. Always avoid neutral people like a plague, they can swing anywhere dangerously.

Don’t leave your life gear neutral without a brake of caution during the “pause seasons”; it SHALL shift. What you will not eat in prosperity should not be on your menu in poverty. The damage will not regard your educational brand or the alloy wheels of your anointing. A neutral life flows into regrets before help can catch up. Don’t leave your convictions about relationship on neutral mode if you don’t want to be on auto-run down the street of shit.
Don’t leave your marriage on neutral at the mercy of external winds. If you don’t want something in your home, engage the rejection gear; if you don’t want some things on or in your kids, lock them down as instructions and petitions: be clearly cut and carved with scriptural convictions! If you don’t want it in your spouse negotiate it now with principles.

In case you don’t know, I hate pounded yam! Can I know what you don’t like too? Don’t be neutral!

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