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There’s a river… Psalm 46:4

These are dangerous and perilous times that try men’s soul. It takes God’s kind of gut not to be afraid.

Mountains are moving, waters are roaring and drying up. What has never melted is melting, times are changing, climate is our universal witness. Sun is unprecedentedly scorching, families are breaking, faith is wrecking, immorality is skyrocketing, corruption is high.

It is in the midst of this God provides a river. It’s not a tourist attraction haven, UN cannot officially recognize it, the church is ignoring it, believers are forsaken it and YOU have not mentioned it in a while.

If you’re sane and normal in this clime, you must have been nourished by that river. If you’re still a brother with one wife, the river has washed you. If justice and righteousness are entrenched in your dictionary, you have visited that river, if your foundation is still Christ indeed, that river had a rub on you.

This season, your complaints may be many, life hasn’t been fair, nothing has. But in the midst of that, God has given a river with a beautiful stream.

Be grateful for your spiritual, financial, marital, mental, career streams. It’s not like the golden rivers around, God placed it purposefully and strategically to keep you going, it may be small but peaceful, narrow but nourishing.

Divinely God has used the stream to pay your bills, it has healed your sicknesses, protected your journeys, keep your career afloat, your soul smart, your spirit lively and your mind sound. For all the streams of friends, Mentor, families, businesses, Church, brothers and sisters, I AM INDEED VERY GRATEFUL. For my soul and family, there’s a river that makes glad the city of God.

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