According to an African folktale, foxes used to be terrified of the red crown on cockerels because the foxes assumed it was fiery. Several generations of cockerels were preserved from being preyed upon by foxes due to that survival feature: the red head! As time went by, a generation of cockerels wanted to network with foxes because of their four legs as against their two. Each time the cockerels attempted intimacy with foxes, the foxes would “honour the rabbit”.

Eventually, a cockerel met a stranded baby fox and convinced him to touch the red crown on his head. “Don’t get scared of it, it’s not fiery but succulent. I’m not carrying fire on my head but a soft tissue to show I’m male”.
The baby fox was delighted at touching the crown on the cockerel: boneless and soft. He was the first fox to court a cockerel in friendship. On getting home he told his siblings and parents about his new cockerel friend and excitedly let out the discovery that the crown was not fiery but friendly. The eldest fox volunteered to verify the claim: he was stunned to know the baby fox was right. The cockerel was their dinner that night! From that day, all generations of cockerel became preys for foxes and they no longer fear the red crown on cockerels. The cockerel sold out his lineage to perpetual disadvantage and destruction just because he wanted to make new friends.

What have you brought to the Christian family in your untamed quest for friendship with politicians? What spiritual security breach do you commit that exposes the church to ridicule and bring Pastors into disrepute? What do you do to undermine the honour that men used to give women? What do you do at home making women think men are useless species? What are you doing that makes going to school a stupid idea to illiterates? What do you engage in on pulpit that makes the church a script for comedians? What messages do you preach that make OAPs prey on Christianity in sarcasm? What goes viral about your involvements and bring virus to the kingdom? Don’t sell your red head!

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