A gentleman brought his car for sale to the mechanic village; a Toyota brand that he bought as new and used it for three years. A man immediately sprang into inspection, mounting canopies of hope like he was about to throw a purchase party. He offered to pay a price one million naira less than the asking. The owner spat a surprise and his worried lips were kissed with a response that taught me a lesson; “is it not a Nigerian used car”? Apparently, he was willing to pay more only if it was used abroad.
Generally, Location Determines Your Value!

You cannot carry better value than where you’re being used. A football played on Emirates Stadium attracts more value than being played on the streets of Elewi-Odo. A plastic spoon in Trump’s kitchen will weigh more in dollars than a metallic spoon in an Ijebu buka (please I’m not shaking tables o but Ibadan l’oko Ijebu any day).
In a wrong place you exchange your worth at a wrong price for the wrong people!

In purpose, right places are not viewed from the cracked lenses of glamour; it is being where God wants you to be. Your life begins to make sense not when you begin to go to where you’re invited but you go to where you’re sent. Products wear the price of the place they are located. Purpose designs products for places at right prices.
One day, you’d be eternally priced, it will not be based on the colour of your skin, the brand of your denomination or the mileage on your social odometer. It will be based on where you’re used in time before being exported into eternity. Are you at the capital city of purpose or at the village of pleasure? Are you where you ought to be or at where you want to be?
To those born in February, others see us as breakable glass but we know we’re the unbreakable class. If you don’t fix something tangible to do in February, how would you March? Happy New Month. May your hands abide in strength.

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