Father’s Day

This is dedicated to my awesome father.
My daughter has a bigger and taller brother; when she locks horns with him and he gains the upper hand, she withdraws with a threat to report to her daddy. I usually wait for her to file the report and honestly, it’s always very difficult not to be biased in her favour. No matter the hurt and the decibel of crying, once she pours her report and I hug her to say sorry, the case is over. She only wants someone who listens and affirms her with good attention. I can’t be too busy to listen. And, please don’t make my baby cry, you’d hardly win with me! It’s easy to replicate fatherhood when you’re raised by a faithful father. When the burden weighs more than my feeble heart, I’ll tell my daddy! I’ve always done that. It’s a huge relief to have such a father to tell. He’s sometimes a pointer to where I should turn, at times, a painter to bring out my divine colours, often, a printer that converts the soft copy of thoughts to hard copy of reality.

I wasn’t raised at home to just be a man; I was raised to be a father. Everyday under my father was a load of lessons and I learned practically for about three decades. Subsequently I still attend classes for my postgraduate degree. I was groomed to grow up not just to go up. I wasn’t just told but shown. My father is a comb that unties stubborn dreadlocks, he’s a clipper that lowers bushy hair of arrogance and shaves the moustache of excesses.
It’s difficult to remain stable in this unreliable generation without a firm functional father with fervent faith. Simple. Sincere. Sound. Spiritual. I’ve met and seen many fathers but I’m eternally grateful that I didn’t miss my father.

Thank you Dad for setting the bar higher beyond compromise. Thank you proving that the Bible is true. Thank you for being an example that makes my exercises easier to solve. I have read the Bible to see how to be a husband, father and minister; thank you for providing the spiritual laboratory for the practicals!
Happy Birthday Dad. I honestly follow you as you follow Christ. I always will by His Grace.

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