We are not fools

Est 4:16 “Bring together all the Jews in Susa and tell them to go without eating for my sake! Don’t eat or drink for three days and nights. My servant girls and I will do the same. Then I will go in to see the king, even if it means I must die.”

Dear brother Jero & sister Sally,

We remember the first time you wrote a note to the pastor for help, it was read in the middle of a glorious Sunday service. The tone of the letter was worrisome, the tensions were palpable, the challenges were succinctly painted, even the well-known ‘sleepers’ were awoken by the gravity of the letter.
Everything wrong in your world was painstakingly stated, immediately the rendition concluded, like a symphony we started prayer in no particular order. Some screamed, some wailed others groaned. It was a beauty to behold the church rallying around her own in a prayer of agreement, just for her members in fire. It was a big statement of support and solidarity.

But ever since the problem abated, we’ve noticed with amazement your disdain for the church and God’s people. You simply know how to raise alarms for prayers but go deafening silent when your “nice” reputations are on the line. You don’t mind others sacrificing yet you won’t ever lift a finger for anyone. You’re such a coward! Our world today is filled with people who use and dump, once they get their wishes, they take a flight.

Your types are now many and we are not stupid, we’re only fulfilling the law of Christ. You used a platform to advance your course, now you sit idling away watching the platform attacked. As for the two of you in this category, repent. I smell that you’re about making your crocodile tears again and we shall not be fooled! Meanwhile our “Esthers” are doing well in the palace, they’re standing for values and their people, graceful and vocal, extending the territories, influencing the kings, not sitting by being “politically correct”. After enjoying all the supports and resources, where lies your loyalty, to God or man?

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