I was taught from childhood, partial blindness is always contentious. It’s better for blindness to be total than partial. When a man spiritualizes selfishness, he surrounds himself with yes-men! He builds an empire of distortion and splendid facade on the ground of rebellion. He equips mercenaries of ignorance, armed in the lips, lame in the mind. He sells his fake products of concentrated confusions, in gallons of academic prowess, with official labels from the scriptures.

Heroes are rising, champions like Goliath, fortified with grammar, decorated with blazers, ordained with imported oil, fathered by spiritual orphans, seating their ideas on lethal sofas of manipulations, leading zeros down the drain. They appear with well articulated theories on the mass media, with roof touching proofs of mundane permutations, shifting the foci of their simple subjects down south. They refer to the past gospels as archaic, they call the founding fathers as preachers of poverty, despising the simplicity of the faithful ancestors of Christianity, throwing the principles of moderation in the gabage of modernization. They are wowed by the crowd, bowed to, by the gullible, cowed by their greed, “woed” by their Maker!

Their disciples can kill for correcting their insanity, they can ridicule the elements of godliness, they defend their prickly conscience, attack the truth, cover their sins! They run ministries like a cult, with covert operations, dribbling enquiries around protocols, riding into shame in tinted vehicles of corruption. They brainwash their followers with half truth, making them twice children of hell, enlisting the young souls in their army of pervertaion. They hide their intentions under the canopy of religion, they motivate with claims of commitment, yet divert godly resources to perpetuate their stay, around the corridors of profanity!

They bury any rising grace and gifts threatening their survival, they subdue any one carrying surpassing potentials. Under the covers of tutelage, they depress burning passion, diverting daring direction. They are the richest among the poorest, most qualified for preaching, most advanced in learning, most certified for financial records, most decorated for exploits, they step on godly toes, to raise high, their ugly heads of manipulation. They select sermons around the themes of mundane examples, gist with passion only about geographical tour around the sinful globe. Taxi away from arrows of correction, associate with the powerful, snubbing with arrogance, the powerless. They speak in tongues when they are needed for the needy, they “wait on God” when they need to act fast against ungodliness, they preach tolerance in the light of compromise and mobilize support for emotional biases.

Heroes of zeros empower the zeros with guns and no bullets, they give them cheques without credits, they blow their minds with fanciful pictures of vaporized future never existing, they show them movies of a paradise they never believed to see! They call them names of printed and acclaimed achievers, hang around their necks, rag tags of bogus titles, fortify them with defensive mechanisms and cushion their minds with false hopes.

This generation needs a collapse before a re-build. You cannot reform what lacks a form. Our attention must be shifted from the external invasions because we have slept long enough, with fire on the roof! The bugs of our vegetable are resident under the leaves!

We may start the crusade without a mega speaker, we may not be heard by many, but with the agencies of light and truth, a new day is near!

Ayo-Oluwa Oloyede
(c) 2013

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