The journey was smooth until I began to feel some slight shaking in the front wheels. From slight it became uncomfortable and at about 130km/hr, it became vigorous. I slowed down a little but before I could spell my wife’s maiden name, there was a deafening blowout, so loud like an explosion! That was my tyre shredded in pieces: I was baptized in a cloud of dust, vision blurred and mind soaked in shock. It was my first time since driving and it shook me to the marrow.
My first instinct was to go for the brake and bring the car under static control, but I remembered my father’s instruction in my early days of learning: blowout is sudden but the cure is a process. Don’t ever go for sudden braking. I released my foot from the pedal slowly, then shifted the gear to neutral and dragged to a safe parking space on the highway. I came out unscathed, waved and wished well by commuters, some shook their heads for me, others praised God for me. I was too tiny for the large screen of mercy! I left the incidence with a great lesson!
You may experience some emotional blowout in your relationship, it may sometimes be sudden and unexpected, but the cure is not in sudden response to arrest the situation. People somersault in marriage because they freak out at the shocking attitude of their tyre partner and take quick actions in attempt to control the damage.
Shift to neutral and let the tension lose its natural momentum. It will not continue to be dangerous if you only keep the direction without forcing the (e)motion to a sudden standstill. Your marriage may somersault if you don’t allow the emotional blowout to find expression in motion. When it loses all the energy, you can safely park and fix the tyre.
Never jump out during blowout, it will ruin your spiritual and mental safety. The noise could be disturbing but the issue cannot get louder if you follow the instructions. Your marital vehicle will get home despite the challenges. The sociological and psychological potholes are not friendly these days to emotional tyres but we shall have safe journey. A smart marital driver faces many risks, but it’s when he gets home that his experiences will count as lessons. Don’t allow social media brakes push you to make your home a write off. Offences must come, but there are sure defences for safe journey. You’ll get THERE!

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