It was 2006. I already passed the test and was invited for the elaborate interview and presentation. I was graciously liquid with my expression and my points oozed gaseously. I knew the panel’s interest were in the fetters of my logic; I was poised to land the job. Their questions were wide windows to ventilate my solid reserves and God favoured me with an uninterrupted passion supply.
As we rounded off my session, the leader commended my presentation and pulled a curious file from his memory; “young man, can you drive”? Nope! I couldn’t. I had no idea!
There was a deafening silence in the boardroom; the only lady on the panel banged her table like twice breathing out worries as she inhaled concerns. Her unspoken questions were boldly printed in capital letters: how could you talk so well but can’t drive a car?
The leader filled the disappointing gulf; “this offer comes with a requirement to drive and a valid driver’s license. You’d have to cover four states and it’s important that you can drive. We’d get back to you”. Guess what? I got a call six weeks later from the company asking if I could now drive. I returned negative! You still cannot drive? Hell no! The call ended! I lost the job but I got the message! Since that year I’ve become allergic to sweet talk; I only listen to drivers!
Can you drive a relationship or you only talk about it on Facebook? Can you drive a ministry or your packaging only works online with data anointing? Can you drive a vision through the traffic of delay and discouraging bumps? Can you accelerate real life with braking intervals of caution? Can you wade through the flood without losing the engine?
Talk is cheap sir! Leaders are not mere traffic wardens in destiny, they are drivers! Can you drive with valid driver’s license of commitment, competence and character? What have you driven safely and rightly? Grace has a pool of vehicles but where are the drivers?

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