During one of our discipleship classes, to illustrate a point, I sent one of my sisters to bring a flash drive from my table. It wasn’t a conventional flash drive, it was made into a wristwatch. She searched and searched looking for a flash drive that looked like what she’s familiar with; she returned negative. I sent someone else and he also returned negative. So, I sent one of them who was very ‘techy’ and he returned with the flash drive. I asked them if they saw the wristwatch and they all did. They didn’t bring it because they didn’t know it; despite seeing it! The Ethiopian Eunuch saw Jesus in the book, but didn’t get it! Maybe you’ve seen what you’re looking for and yet still searching: God hides secrets in open places!
How many of us have seen what we are looking for in life but walked pass it because it didn’t fit into our cultural description and religious expectation? How many people have slammed the door against their opportunities to be great in life because it was dressed in a different garment of experience. How many men have met their spouses in life but because she’s not on swag like their wallpapers, they walked away. How many of us have seen where we should work but because the temporal salary is low, we miss the eternal reward?
The Samaritan woman saw Jesus and took him for a Common Jew, then as a big “Sir”, then a mysterious Prophet before recognizing him as The Christ! She saw him but didn’t know she was having a live chat with the Greatest Gift of God! How many have missed the gift of God because it was not wrapped in cultural or foreign label? Something great from God may not come big! I know God doesn’t do packaging to introduce value in the market of relevance. You will never pass life without seeing what God wanted you to do, meeting who He intends you to marry, where He wanted you to live, but would you recognize it? You can carry a big Bible but would you recognize the message?

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