It was an unusual morning devotion, it’s been a while they’ve gathered to even pray as a family. Every shade of dysfunctionality was represented in Jacob’s family.
From jealous mums to wayward brothers to flirting girls. This wasn’t his dream family. Just the night before, he had some encounters with God in a dream. He wasn’t where he ought to be although not near where he used to be. The instruction was simple but convincing.
After the day’s devotion, he made altars calls, everybody thought this is a joke. The silence was killing, eyes rolling, who goes first? Some were thinking, idols in this house? Seriously, dad for real? You mean we could descend so low? Jacob knew the family has come to her low ebb. Nothing was getting better, everything was going South. Where did he miss it?
Few minutes after the altar call, big mummy Rachael was the first to come kneeling, Joseph felt but Mummy takes Sunday school every Sunday, she’s the President of Women’s fellowship & assistant coordinator of CEM (Shechem diocese)? She composed all the teenage church’s rhymes. How could she have had an idol? Unknown to him, he was in for the bigger shock, big mummy Leah stepped forward, then Reuben, Judah, Simeon, Dinah with a teary face, servants (male & female) and on & on & on… Just imagine the heap?
The idols were as many as the members of the household. Some were woods, some metals others had horns with red tappings. The scene was unbelievable, all these in Jacob’s household? The rot was unbelievable. This wasn’t a name calling or finger-pointing service. It was genuine repentance irrespective of reputation. It was time for a family to come full circle, everybody came JUST AS THEY WERE (with their idols handy)
So, today, the head of the family, CHRIST is calling; whatever the idol in your hands lay it down. Something in your hands has refused to drop, big or small, God has a name for it: IDOL.
It could be anger, pride, lust, selfishness, strive, jealousy etc What part of your blessings have you converted? Job, car, money, position, possession or profession? Christ wants to bury them under the oak tree of the cross. Will you step forward today?
Yeah, you can do it right now, in your heart, room, office, online, offline, in the car or as you make your way to the office today. He’s waiting, hand them over and let them be buried FOREVER, you should be free!
I hear the chains falling…

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