It is the craving for things other than yours. The desire that says, if I have that I will be better.
It is lust that tells singles that being married will solve their sexual problem and it tells the
married if only I can be single again then I will make better choices
It tells ladies if only I have figure 8, a bigger boobs, a broader hip, a little height, lighter skin,
curved bum, marry that unbeliever & convert him and a flat lips: The ephermerals
It tells the men, if I get a six pack, bigger biceps, mustache, beard, hair in chest, nice car,
modest house, pay rise: Only the earthlies.
David, after lust watched him for some periods, wrote women.
Cain, after lust watched him for a while wrote, anger.
Eve, after lust watched her for a while, wrote food and pride.
After watching you for a while, what will lust write? Each of us have our cards & it’s time to
purge our conscience from dead works to serve the Living God.

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