It’s interesting how God works. There was something coming to Egypt, God needed a man, he picked Joseph as an experiment, perhaps a pilot program. He’s bringing 7 plenteous years and 7 years of famine on Egypt. How will His people survive?
After picking Joseph, He performed the experiment on him & boom he didn’t flip. Joseph enjoyed several years of favour with his father with a tux of many colours, unknown to him, his years of famine is coming with unbelievable hatred. Just exactly what God intended to do throughout the world. Once God certified him okay, he passed him to Pharaoh.
Pharaoh on the other hand thought he was the boss, he didn’t know he’s a Pawn on God’s board. He couldn’t have turned Joseph down, Joseph has passed his exams, issued a certificate and ready to take charge. It’s true Pharaoh had a dream but right in front of him was the HD-human version of God’s purpose.
He had the experience of plenty and famine and no other person is qualified to run the vision like him, while running the vision he wouldn’t need a book to consult, he is the book cos he experienced it all. He wouldn’t cram the strategy, he is the personified version of the strategy. He has been tested and now trusted.
May be you’re like Joseph today, God is downloading the strategy into your spirit cos eventually you’ve got a business to run for the father! Save the lessons in the days of plenty, you will need steam in the days of scarcity. You won’t survive your scarcity if you waste your booming years.
Eventually your life must speak volumes than your documented papers. More than brains and beauty God intends to bring you face to face with Pharaoh to prove to Pharaoh that Egypt doesn’t have the best of men, God has his best going through their different courses in destiny.

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