In his fine book The Dance of Hope, Bill Frey remembers the day he tried to pull a stump out of the Georgia dirt. He was eleven years old at the time. One of his chores was the gathering of firewood for the small stove and fireplace of the homestead. He would search the woods for stumps of pine trees that had been cut down and chop them into kindling. The best stumps were saturated with resin and therefore would burn more easily.
One day I found a large stump in an open field near the house and tried to unearth it. I literally pushed and pulled and crowbarred for hours, but the root system was so deep and large I simply couldn’t pull it out of the ground. I was still struggling when my father came home from his office, spotted me working and came over to watch. “I think I see your problem,” he said. “What’s that?” I asked. “You’re not using all your strength,” he replied. I exploded and told him how hard I had worked and for how long. “No,” he said, “you’re not using all your strength.” When I cooled down I asked him what he meant, and he said, “You haven’t asked me to help you yet.
Have you asked your own father yet?
You consult every other person, Aunty in London, Uncle in US, nephew in Australia, Dad in Japan, Mum in New York yet you never even asked the God who has been standing all through your life about His opinion.
Peter asked from experience, got a green light, the local news corroborated his bias, his comrades asked their experienced retired dads and it was a resounding YES, but he never asked the Lord who was near.
The centurion asked the master & the owner for navigational guide but ignored Paul with a connection with the father, you all know the outcome.
There’s something embedded in our DNA that scorns the “Near Local God” but prefers the foreign gods. Everything foreign may not be superior. God can use the local sticks to float an heavy metal, He uses backyard leaves to heal age long boils. He can train the local David to defeat the foreign Goliath.
The flapping of your wings won’t carry the aircraft, your tiny thread and needle can’t pull your trailer load of challenges, your six packs isn’t meant to shoulder anxiety and fret, your marriage doesn’t need another dose of your complicated solutions. Why ignore the Lord always near?
In all you do this season, be encouraged the Lord is near. Seek his help, support, opinion and comfort. He shall sustain thee.
(Phil. 4:5) NIV

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