“… for the LORD is a God of knowledge, and by him actions are weighed”

The white, blue or yellow report was out, the tabloid had on good authority that there were some forms of conspiracy. The infightings, cracks in the nation’s armed forces were there but nipped.

The commander of Uriah’s platoon was cleared of any wrongdoing. Israel losses soldiers but not like Uriah. There were silent protests about the tactics deployed by the major-general but Uriah wasn’t in charge. He had his reservations for the engagement but he was overruled by Joab.

In the report, David, Joab and his platoon commanders were cleared, amnesty said it was the best international practice in war. It was announced on the national T.V that Uriah and others died as heroes. The armed forces were planning on immortalizing their legacies infact David offered to erect a statue on Uriah’s behalf, scholarship for the kids and presidential accommodation for the wife, she will now leave right under David’s nose. Oh, how he loved the man!

Premised on national healing and acceptance, king David allowed Bathsheba to grieve in his spare room since it was a national tragedy. Bathsheba went on national T.V to eulogise the husband & wouldn’t mind keeping the company of the king for total healing. Everybody applauded the Uriah foundation for leadership and patriotism, all over the news for the right reasons but killed for the wrong reasons. Everyone seemed to have moved on except God. In fact the report was gazetted.

David never lifted a sword, he wasn’t even on the war front, but he allowed Uriah to be wasted knowingly, he could have done differently but he didn’t, God noted that in His own report. He could have protected his brother, save his life, own up his error, come clean, apologize, accept responsibility for irresponsibility but he didn’t, he felt smart but he was a dumb ass. God charged David with murder, he didn’t do it against Saul his tormentor, but he did it against Uriah his comrade.

So to you friend, behind the back of your wife, husband, children, employer, employee what do you do? They trusted you to watch their backs but kept raining bullets of slander and lies. Must people suffer to show your “bossness”? How many loyal comrades do you defend even with the last drop of your blood?

The report of men, church and work may absorb you of complicity but how does God feel about your actions? We may win the applause of men but do we gain the confidence of heaven, we may gain weight of men but weightless in the balances of heaven. Today, just as always God judges what we do overtly or covertly.

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