Gauge Before You Engage

gauge2My friend almost lost his life to ghastly auto crash sometime ago. His car was a clean, grade “A” tokunbo “pencil”. He celebrated the arrival of the car with excitement. With all he’s been through in life, with the kind of background he came from and what he suffered before he got a job, I took the meatpie and maltina he bought for me with mixed feelings. I was happy for what he got, I was scared for who he is. My friend overlook details and ignore warnings. until the worst happens, he believes he can always get along.

Two months after cruising around, making several journeys, including the unnecessary ones, he put a call across to me one weekend that he was involved in a crash and the car? Only good for a trash. I screamed and mourned the tragedy and after encouraging him in the Lord (you know i’m a brother now), I asked for graphic details of what happened. I discovered that the great wreck could have been averted with a little check – He didnt gauge his tyres before enaging the gears for a journey to Ilorin (Ilu Afonja, Sai Saraki o).

He told me he felt the tyres were okay but at a time after Iwo, he was feeling the car was dragging and the tyre giving some funny sounds.You wonder why he didnt pull over to check;  he was more taken up by the event he was heading for, than to prevent the disaster about to happen. The rest they say, his history. The tyre burst on speed, my friend went for the break… and ah, just leave it at that!

But that history is only a precursor to my real story; learn to gauge your friends before you engage your trust in them. You may have to keep this truth until later in life when you’ll need a high level of trust before you can thrust through the challenges of life. It would save your matrimony from acrimony, your business from survival sickness and your vision from lesion.

I hope I’m not sounding cynical? Far from that, I’m just trying to let you knw it’s important to double check to avoid trouble in your relationshps. Many folks out there have their own ambitions and they can ride on anyone to get on with life. they’ll use, abuse and acuse you in life and ultimately, abandon you.

They’re also in the church. Dont think they all buy into your idea and vision. they only associate with you as a pest to depreciate your impact. They are fractions in value, when you multiply with them, you have only reduced the number. Most times they appear in alluring forms and perform “excellently” at first impressions. But again I say ‘gauge before you engage them” They may have sweet language that describes your heart desires, but gauge before you engage them.

And lastly, in your emotional relationships, not everything that glitters is gold o. The signals are always there for you to read. Shine your eyes my dear. Dont ignore the tyres of vision, ambitions and intentions “Before You Do” (That’s one favourite title of T.D.Jakes’ book). If it bursts on the way, midway, while in the dangerous bush path or “robbers’ den”, you may bite your finger to bleed. Most times, it’ll burst, when you need it most to take you on!

Take your time to ascertain the facts because ignoring them may be fatal

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