Every day live drama, is aimed at conflict  resolution. There are so many strife in the world today, it almost becomes impossible to follow peace. From the battles of the mind, to workplaces and geographical battlegrounds between communities and nations of the world, battles are here to stay.

Moral battles confront us daily on how to dress, how to make-up, how to run homes, secure public votes, even how to preach. Getting desperate for peace may empower the joules of energy mounted on us by compromise. We must concretely understand what really it means to have peace before handling issues.

Many churches in order to secure public peace and smooth relationships with fat sinning donors, avoid to testify against their evil doings. Our society is so awkward, doing the right thing attracts mockery even from Christians.

To resolve the conflicts of following peace with all men, yet, securing peace with God, you must be matured to understand that the vertical pole of peace is superior to the the horizontal. Peace is real, when you have secured one with God.

Avoid living your life in company of corrupt mind or in isolation. Either way, you’ll lose the vigour to fight a good fight. He that walks with the wise will be wise, but the companion of fools shall be destroyed. Add to that profile, a principle centered life. Don’t be so emotional about issues to shift your ground. Reason with the instincts of the Holy Spirit and view issues with the spectacles of the Scriptures.

Maintain a life of simplicity. Don’t complicate your life with moral dysentery or verbal cholera. Be moderate in all things. You begin to lose your peace when you are too ambitious beyond God’s timing for your life. All the motivations around town and in churches today should be stepped down in your mind with godly patience and biblical principles. Remember God makes all things beautiful only at the right time. If you cannot, by concern, add a cubit to your height, God is conscious of your due provision.

Be ready to forgo your rights in order to secure your grip on the vertical pole of peace with God. Your insistence on your right may cost you your life like Nabboth. Nothing in life deserves dying for, except Faith and the cause of Jesus.

Be content with the communion of the Holy Spirit and faithful men of like passion. Get rid of unnecessary bonds and attachments with things and people. The Lord shall give you Light!!!


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