Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are heroes of the round leather game. They are skilled, swift and sweet with winning. I noticed that they have coaches! Williams sisters have blown the roof over the red clay, I reliably gathered they have coaches. Maybe you’re strange to sports, Paul was without sight for three days until he met Coach Ananias at the Straight Street in Damascus; “Arise, and go into the city, and it shall be told thee what thou MUST do”! Jesus, why didn’t you just tell him right there and then? Coaching!
Let’s come to you bro Preacher! What’s your skill version and what’s the model of your capacity? How many goals have you scored in the League of life since you’ve been playing local five-aside? Now, you’ve climbed the tree of life beyond the leaves of learning! Who are you answerable to? Who checks your excesses? Who’s Ananias that tells you what you MUST do?
If you want to play in Marital Premier League and you don’t want to enter the relegation of regrets, you need a Marital coach. A coach is not someone who teaches about marriage on pulpit or writes books or articles about relationship on Facebook alone, he lives it. You’re looking for a spouse but the one you like freelances spiritually, your trousers may not reach the ankle and will not stay on the waist!
If you want to play in the Champions’ League of Ministry, you need a coach. A coach doesn’t take your jersey of grace or play your wing of gifts, he holds you in training and releases for reigning. You can’t take him for granted because his honour hinges on character, even if he licks, it will not be your boot. A spiritual coach is firm and fair. He doesn’t demand payment from you because he is on God’s payroll. He refines the raw and removes the flaw. He raises the standard, bends you to be fit and fixed with rigorous discipline. He spells the truth no matter how hard the syllables. He could make you cry, helps you try and gets you high to score goals!

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