Jollof Lies

jollof liesThat topic was inspired by my baby’s diction for rice, but the content, by the dribbling, scheming, preaching parrots in the church. I have little headache listening to the fables of political gladiators, I have no pains when an umbel maneuvers his way for painful profits. But how do you cope with people who build the castles of ministry on the platform of deception? What do you do with fliers in town bearing pictures of ministers who were never known or invited by our sweet talking, sugar quoted lipped preachers?

I know many folks in ministry, but it’s alarming the gulf of dichotomy between their private lives and their pulpit ministries. Even the impressive testimonies they share to convince a lying sinner are doctored with sharp surgical blades of exaggerations. If you follow to details, their claims of provision and miracles, you see an underwear of dirty linens with stinky odours and deals. Our courts of spiritual justice are overseen by incurable lairs who have told lies beyond conversion.

Their intentions range from raising hope of a doubter to raising funds for an adventure to glorify selfish missions. Nobody dares to ask them questions and to prove their falsehood, you hear them swearing on the podium to authenticate their alarming claims of victory! Many of them like to call hired witnesses to validate their stories with a vibrating echo of assertion and frantic effort to drive lies down a gullible throat of the simple. When you listen to them with a keen objective ear, and analyze their theories between the lines, you see punctuating paragraphs of disconnection,breaking both human and spiritual thesis of reality and faith. They shroud their private lives with a library of secrecy, when it comes to their daily supply, and financial opportunities, they explain them in codes, you cannot follow them in relationships without getting lost in transit, you need to unzip most of their conversations on the phone to truly ascertain the points of truth. Eh! I’m not talking of floor members in the church, I mean pulpit custodians!

On the pews, you see lies in bodily forms attending church every week. Men and women with pretended masks of deceits. They have mastered every spiritual slang in the holy land, they know how to nod and sigh after every bombshell of revelation thrown from the pulpit, they say the loudest hallelujah and pray the loudest with thundering “Amen”. But they are just as bad as the masters of our spiritual ceremonies. If you follow them home, you’ll realize the serpent that chameleons into gorgeous suits on Sundays to church. If you send them on financial errands, they tell lies by inflating figures and robbing the church of saintly donations. Cannibals, who consume the body of Christ with sheep looks and wolf teeth.

It’s tiring having to screen the words of brethren in the church today, having to ask and investigate Pastors’ claims before you ascertain the boundary lines of reality. There’s a jollof concoction of truth and lies today in the church, it becomes pretty difficult to separate the two. That’s apart from those who manipulate the lazy, spiritually illiterate congregations to twist the Word of life for belly rituals. You must halve the length of a claim by a Christian contractor before you can move anywhere near the truth. How shall we escape?

To the zealous, truthful, passionate and Christ-like generation, be diligent to live a truly godly life. Put away the armor of Saul if you will bring down this Goliath. Remove the yeasts of lies from the loaves of truth. The simplicity of your David is smooth enough to hit hard on the terrorizing giants. God will give you light! In the final analysis, you shall get THERE!

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