6 Essential Traits of A Successful Event Manager.

  1. 1. Have a clear vision for your business.

A clear vision is the foundation of a smart event manager’s (Baker, Decorator, Media guys, Musician, Event Planner, Photographer/Videographer, Florist, Hall owners etc) game plan and ensures that he or she stays on track even when the inevitable tough challenges arise. As I point out in my book Event Management 101 & 201, owners need to develop a personal vision if they don’t already have one.


  1. Communicate goals and motivate others.

Successful event managers surround themselves with people whom they trust to take a closer look at their ideas, immensely take up their vision and birth results. Their desire to add workers and other influencers in business discussions and decisions enables them to recruit and retain motivated workers for the mission.


  1. Set timetables.

I read that one time President of America, President John F. Kennedy outlined a goal to put a person on the moon by the end of a decade, so also, if you would be a successful event person, you must be similarly motivated to set deadlines and hold everyone accountable in order to accomplish big goals. Good event managers know that their most precious asset is time.


  1. View setbacks as opportunities for improvement.

A setback represents a step toward a goal not a reason to give in. Event managers should embrace each tough day as a learning opportunity.


  1. Stand apart from the crowd.

Strong leaders know that they will not receive unanimous support for all actions are reactions. There will be pessimists, those who try to pull them down and those who think they’re crazy. Quality and outstanding event managers, irrespective of the service you provide, you must listen to all ideas and weigh each idea based on experience and logic and then confidently make your choice.


  1. Focus on continual learning.

Successful event persons view every business experience as a lesson. The best are lifelong learners and use past experiences to builds not resumes. No matter how long you have run your business, new ways for improvement always emerge. The best never stop trying to better their product or services.


Dear event managers,  I am sure this piece makes a lot of sense to you.

Digest all and be a better person.

Till I come your way again, always know that if it is going to be, it depends in you.

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