Dead men rule the world…and that’s a good thing! Most lasting systems and institutions that are presently in operation in the world are majorly a “revised” idea of a dead philosopher, politician, statesman, writer, pastor, inventor etc. It’s more or less like a worthwhile idea is proven with the length of its stay in the sand of time. Ideas are building blocks of a system or society. They’re foundational for lasting legacy and generational success which paves way for great products.

Democracy, industrialization and technology are all intricate ideas woven in the imaginative womb of rare breeds. Families and certain societies are always known for their ever available trailblazing, when men and women are needed to chart a new course. Certain names ring a bell in the world of politics or business. The Toyota legacy lives on because of well-conceived ideas and subsequent generational transfer of the vision.

According to a recent statistics there is hardly a lucrative, international, African family business that has lasted for 50 years simply because the brains behind the businesses died and most were not viable enough to stand the test of time. Really, how many of our individualistic ideas are well grounded and strong enough? Can the ideas we’ve birthed span generations to come? Like the scripture says, it must be plain so that they that read may run. There are businesses or ideas springing up today that soon fizzle out even in the life time of the “inventor”. We also can count people around who built castles in the air but forgot to put foundations under them. Their fame spread like wild fire in a dry Mississippi plantation but soon quenched few years after their demise. The reason most ideas don’t last is still a puzzle begging to be solved by the think-tank of our emerging continent. While a good idea leaves room for improvements, the core and fundamental reason for the birthed idea could be jealously guarded. Incessant changes in policies show inconsistency and immaturity. Ecclesiastes 3:14 is a scripture affirming this; whatever the Lord does last forever including a God idea.

Few reasons have been given why continuity has ever been a challenge and these include biased ideologies, parochial views and sentimental tendencies. Much also have religious, ethnic, cultural and environmental colorations which shadow pragmatic and constructive criticisms. However, as breeds without greed, we must go beyond the familiar and create ideas that make lines of divide between sentiments and realities. If we’ll be seen as successful, we must conceive well the idea(s) God has impregnated us with, only by being locked up with ourselves. Some are long dead, but they live forever. It’s not because their corpses were cremated or their skeletons were extracted and preserved by chemical compounds and preservatives, it’s simply because the ideals and values they stood for could not be ignored even with the passage of time.

Mentors are too scarce to come by in our days. What you can find handy, are folks who only live in the euphoria of their past achievements without any thing to compensate the time and space they are spared by providence. Values and integrity are constantly eroded by moral tsunami. Homes are built like restaurants where the father comes in after work, eats, sleeps and pays for the last plate the following morning. He’ll claim to be dying for his family, but it never occurs to him to live for them!

Our women, who in those days were highly reserved and homely, have been caught in the web of economical and social survival contest. I don’t actually blame the women folks, most men place value on a woman these days based on her pay check. Any child who is welcomed back home from school by any of his parents should be highly favoured and in the five percent bracket of parental-care privileged infants.

The ministers of God are now laughing stocks in the society. Many of them pick divine calls not for them, but just because the phone of survival rings, and the church institutions are desperate to keep incoming members from committing whore with other ministries, they decide to anoint anyone who carry charismatic demeanor and can easily hold others spellbound when he talks/preaches. Hardly can a standup comedian perform, without using one of our Pentecostal ministers as a topic to crack the ribs. I don’t blame the comedians; the salt has lost its savor!

Our professionals are not so much doing jobs of their dreams, but what their rich parents prefer. They earn enviable, six figures salaries, but they only live and leave without imprints on the emerging generation. They look affluent on the surface, reflecting the freshness of their skins and the body-fitted designers they daily adorn to offices. However, all these are briefcases that enclose a crying, drying, dying and impoverished souls searching for meaning!

We must begin to write our times in gold. We must present presents of relevance to the living generation by living a worthwhile life built on solid, Christ-centered and service oriented principles. It definitely would attract criticisms and sacrifices, but it’ll be unfair not to leave behind, footprints in the sands of time!

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