How To Appease Dissatisfied Clients in Any Business Relationship

customers' satisfactionHow To Appease Dissatisfied Clients

Clients are known to exhibit various degrees of satisfaction and dissatisfaction any moment and situation as the case may be. Much is therefore expected of any service provider to seek to  allow the constant  flow of  seas of cordial relationship between his organisation and his clients. Customers are always right, so say a business adage. But in some cases where we find out that the service(s) we rendered was/were not appreciated or fall on the bad/ugly sides of our clients, there are what we should do to either correct or amend so that there wont be a stagnation on our business relationship. Among various things you should do, you should:

  1. Simply apologize: when you are in business like mine, you cannot escape having dissatisfied customers once in a while. I believe same goes for those operating in any other industry. Be wise enough to do everything possible to keep your clients coming back.
  2. Rectify The Mistake Where Possible: For as long as the two entities involved in a business relationship are human beings, mistakes are inevitable and will often be recurrent. But mind you, they should be minimal. Visit your clients or make calls to apologize.
  3. Empathize with Your Clients: If you must retain your clients, then, don’t ever assume they will understand with you when you miss it along the way. Show empathy to let the clients know that the severity of their grievances is quite appreciated. Identify with their “pains” especially if their requests were too close to call or if it did not arrive on schedule. Sometimes, empathy is required even if the issues that have unsettled your clients are unrelated with your dealings with him or her.
  4. Offer Compensation or Future Discount: I will recommend this to any entrepreneur who wants to always be in the good books of his or her clients.
  5. Always Follow Up To Ensure Clients Are Fully Satisfied: carry out your due diligence to ascertain that your clients are satisfied at you attempts to appease them in the event of a grievance arising from your services. Rather than lose them to your competitors, apply the above steps to appeasing them and ensure that you retain their services and continue to grow your business.

If after all or some of the aforementioned are done and your clients are not readmitted back into your open arms of relationship, never worry, it shall be said you took measures in amending and correcting the mistakes you either made. Continue with your good way and will and be cautious by not repeating same mistakes again.

Watch it that it has not formed part of your life to be committing such mistakes/negligence. Because any bad habit(s) formed, perpetually carry out and be noticed by all your clients would definitely add salt to your injury, making clients look  away from you to someone who can give them what they want per time. So watch your little foxes that spoil your vines too.

To your success.


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