How to Manage an Event (Part 2)

  • You may be in a situation where you can get sponsorships or donations, but most of us aren’t so lucky. If you don’t foresee any more funds coming in, it’s imperative that you cut corners when need be. Instead of having a catering team, form a BYO or a “bring-a-plate” function or Take-Away…(catering is minimal, but you will need to provide a food table and refrigerators…looolz). Instead of hiring a photographer, go around and take photos yourself. Get creative where need be!

6. Assemble a team: Organize your service team (even if they are friends and relatives or other volunteers) to handle different, relevant sections, even if you’re not professionally running an event, but running a small family event. Good event management in a big scale is about organizing people to be in charge of individual areas of the event and making sure everyone knows what the plan is.

  • Your crew needs just as much advanced noticed as the teams you’re hiring and your guests. Assign them duties as soon as possible, giving them preference if you can. And try to have a few people on standby — there are always a few flakes in every bunch.

7. Nail down the agenda: No more planning can happen until know just what’s going to happen at your event. When are the speakers speaking? Are there games, activities, or presentations that should be scheduled? How much time will the guests need to eat? Work out a fairly detailed timeline for the day’s activities.

8. Always leave a little wiggle room: No event will be exactly as you planned, down to the minute. People run late, speeches take longer than expected, the line for the buffet doesn’t shuffle along, you name it. So while you need a good idea of what’s happening, understand that it’s for organizational purposes and nothing is written in stone.


By next time I come your way again, we shall be discussing on: Getting The Ball Rolling… vis-a-vis Send out invitations, Consider your typical invitations — postcards, flyers, Keep track of those who have accepted, etc.


Event Management is a serious and creative business anyone can do. However, before you start/venture into it, you need some trainings and internship, walking with the experts in the industry…


Till i come your way again,


Be in charge.


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