Mediocrity On Trial

MediocrityCompetition drives productivity and diversity! In a family, every member – even a suckling child, who is a bundle of innocent laughter, has a duty: to contribute to whatever makes the family lovelier, happier and better. It is not enough to beat your chest and boast of its expanse; the true giant puts enemies to flight, and the giant of Africa must be the country that can arise and feed its citizens, encourage productivity and excellence – in short, put mediocrity on death roll.

If you go shopping in stores in our major markets, you might have to double-check with the unprecedented array of brands and counter-brands on the counter. The choice is yours to make, from known names to concocted brands, one wonders if it’s the same ‘YAMAHA’ that has decided to rebrand as ‘YAMAHAM’, ‘HONDA’ to ‘HONDAR’. Has it been renamed ‘TOMMY HILLFINGER’? Not forgetting the cell phones. The market is flooded with so much you hardly find the make you bought last month. Perhaps these companies open for just a single production in a lifetime?

To come up with a good product with competitive capability requires intellectual investment. The mark of excellence is seriously needed among the youth and the Church and this does not come cheap. The urgency of our times requires greater efficiency and effectiveness in less time.  Resources must be harnessed, especially the Internet. However, it must be noted that it took a great deal of diligence and technical inputs to put the resources on the internet in the first instance.

Technological advancement has afforded us the opportunity to use more of our intellect to achieve excellence because we have nearly all the resources we need at our finger tips. Our work must be genuine and original! If you don’t feel sufficiently equipped to produce that book, leave it till then! As a manufacturer, even if the best materials to use are hardly accessible, please go ahead and get them knowing full well that what is worth doing at all is worth doing well.

Daniel in the bible is the man forever dear to my heart, even as busy as he was he always delivered masterpieces, he would not rely on the internet to download ‘The Interpretation of Dreams’. Was there a world wide web then? There wasn’t. But he could have advised the king based on experiences of the past. Although intelligent and compelling in wisdom, he always sought for time to meditate, pray, study and get his thoughts together. He paid his dues for success and relevance. Many things are attributed to the devil’s arrow while they’re actually self-inflicted mishaps.

Africa must not produce inferior products in the Global marketplace; students must work hard to pass examinations and pass well, “we can be a continent of blacks without being a continent that is dark”. The ‘revival’ should cut across all spheres of our endeavor, from manufacturers to service providers; the laundry man, our nurses and doctors, customer service relations, artisans and the list goes on. Posterity will judge after our passing, whether we gave our best shot or not.  Employers are scouting for the candidate with an extra touch – that sparkling quality that jumps out of the page, the man or woman who can be creative with the mindset of a winner. It is more about your mentality than it is about your circumstances. And we must begin to see how our thought pattern can be improved by tasking our minds. Race is no barrier to success. The brain is neither ‘white’ nor ‘black’; it is about the number of convolutions it has. So whether black or white, African or American, famous or forgotten, the color of your brain is no barrier, the use is left to you. Take a pause and see how to be different, original and innovative. Pay your dues and soon you’ll be due to be paid. With a touch of excellence, whatever your hands find to do, do it diligently. Now, Excel!

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